Effective Date: This Privacy Policy is Effective As of December, 2019

By staying committed to safeguarding the privacy of our visitors, we hold our privacy policy upright. The important data about our site visitors during any interaction with the content, products, or services remains secured. To note this important, such policies only lay active for site visitors. Needless to state, it does not fit the other websites to which we associate by any means. Such information is gathered about our users as to use it for future business and promotional causes in another scenario. Any information being collected is only done so after the visitors have given due permission to do so. In case the site visitor does not agree, he or she can show disagreement and shall not leverage any personal information.

In this era of digitalization, privacy policies take a serious concern, and following them is even more vital. The policies are drafted to assist users, clients, site visitors, as well as company on how to handle personal information and not hinder the privacy of any person involved. It is only after acknowledging the terms that the company can utilize any data for business reasons.

Security and Privacy Policy

We prioritize data privacy as an integral part and take responsible steps to ensure the confidentiality of all personal information collected from site visitors and subscribers. Any data or personal information can only be shared with the third party once deep introspection is done successfully that the products and services are relevant to your interest and do not cause any harm in the future. It is when a user or site visitor comes to our website, and we collect information that is relevant and necessary to identify the user to help us serve better in the future. However, the collected data is only limited to the domain name, IP address, and other information such as the number and type of pages visited by users, survey information, and email address. This information is further used for sending email alerts, e-newsletters, promotional emails, and logins to related sites.

The collected information is also used to build a demographic profile of visitors, subscribers, and prospects to improve the quality of content that we share for business purposes.

The Policy of Data Usage

The personal data that we collect at our end is primarily put to action for our B2B transactions. We use the same data to send updates and sales offers to customers who have similar interests and are keen on communicating further. In case the client does not wish to receive further messages or notifications from our side, then we produce a solution for that too.

We have an unsubscribe page provided at the footer of every email that we send to make sure a client does not get disturbed with our messages if he or she is not keen anymore on attending us. Once the email subscriber unsubscribes from the mailing list, we immediately remove their information from our data repository to avoid any data usage in the future. When a site visitor opens any external link from our site, the information may get collected by the third party sites for the sake of identifying you personally as a site visitor. In such a scenario, our company is not responsible for any matter of disputes or damages that are caused to the client.

Therefore, we always request our users to avoid clicking any external links on our site as we may not have control of protecting privacy on such grounds. Information like account details and passwords are highly confidential data that are vulnerable and may get misused or lost. Therefore, to avoid such accidents, we aim to safeguard your data within your own limits. For third party site damages, the site visitor will be solely responsible for the loss or stealing of data.

Compliance with CCPA & GDPR

As CCPA (Californian Consumer Privacy Act) was formally introduced in 2020, the important data (personal information) of the California residents are well-protected. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) does the same. However, it protects the information of the people based out of Europe, not necessarily a citizen or resident.

We completely comply with the regulations laid down by the CCPA and GDPR and make the overall process effective and more efficient. If you want to opt-out from our database, contact us at info@siccodelookup.com

What data do we collect from users?

There are different types of information that we collect from customers and site visitors.

  • Personal Information: Such as email, full name, address, and more. Such information is collected through forms that we provide on our site to our site visitors. These forms are generally filled by people who are interested in our products and services and wish to communicate further. Once you choose to submit the details, you may get the benefits of getting offers, notifications, and more such activities.
  • Cookies: We use cookies to track the basic interactions made by users on our official website. This is done to better the customer experience and make it worthwhile. Please note that the rights to accept or decline our cookies are your sole choice. We do not practice anything without your permission. However, any information that is collected by the third-party site from our website does not come under our responsibility.
  • Tracking Information: We collect your IP Addresses to find out the user personally.

Protection of Important Data

The data such as cookies, click through, email conversations, opened pages, and more is collected by us and is not shared with any third party sites. This important information is collected pertaining to the need of business and customer relations. It is practiced in relation to improving client experiences and smoothening the sales funnel.

Please Note: It is taken as our sincere responsibility to safeguard the site visitors as well as our client’s data and store it away from any damages that may happen in the future. Our clients rely completely upon us, and we, as a matter of trust, hold their data completely confidential.

Last Updated: November 27th, 2020

If you have any queries regarding our services, contact us at info@siccodelookup.com

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