Identify industries that are best suitable to sell your products and services using our SIC code appending service. When you append the SIC code to your existing business database, your data-driven campaigns can generate lucrative leads. Appending SIC code gives you essential insights about the customer, helping you to better target them and thus boost sales opportunities.

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code is a four or six-digit numerical code used by the US government to classify industries based on their primary activities. Marketers who plan to target or segment their audience based on industry type often use industry-specific SIC code to better engage with their targeted audience. That is when our SIC Code append service proves helpful in identifying approachable industries for business.

Our SIC Code Append service revamps your database with updated data that enable the successful execution of your industry-specific marketing programs. When you avail of our SIC code append service, we match your data against our verified and accurate database of more than 70 million records to help identify the industries that are best suitable for your business.

How Our SIC Code Appending Process Works

• You need to send us your business list that you need to append.
• Our experts then match the SIC code to your existing list and update it.
• Once the appending is done, we deliver the data appended list for use in your campaigns.

Benefits of SIC Code Appending Service

Know Your Targeted Customers

SIC codes provide insight into the company’s industry specific grouping details, which can be used to determine which industry has the highest audience for your products. When you opt for our appending service, you get access to our comprehensive business list to better identify potential customers from your targeted industry.

Discover and Target Related Industries

The first two numbers of a SIC code indicates the industry title. Using this number further, you can not only identify your targeted industry but also find out related enterprises in the domain who can be your potential customers. So, adding SIC codes to your list has multiple benefits.

Get Rid of Irrelevant Data

When you have the right SIC code, your industry-specific campaigns are likely to knock the right customer. But the opposite may also happen if your database is full of irrelevant information. Appending SIC codes will provide you with updated data essential for campaign success.

Improve Lead Quality

Using the SIC code append service, you can identify the appropriate audience to target. Further, you can use the data to shortlist qualified leads for your marketing campaigns. This will help you to plan the campaign budget accordingly so that you do not end up spending on wrong leads.

Is your database in need of good appending service? Contact us now to get your SIC code appending done with expertise.

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