SIC Codes were set up in the year 1937. The system was established on a strong foundation and was later updated countable times until 1987. The concept was shared between the U.S.A, Mexico, and Canada, which led to a new approach for a member countries classification system. With time, to evolve the interest of the member countries, a new system (NAICS) was established later in the year 1997.

The SIC system has been the most popular industry classification system. It’s been majorly used by data and marketing companies at large to expand their network for over 40 years. NAICS was established in the year 1992; however, the classification system took time to uplift itself.

Category Structure of SIC Codes and NAICS Codes:

SIC Categories NAICS Categories
11 Divisions 20 Sectors
83 Major Groups 99 Subsectors
413 Industry Groups 312 Industry Groups
1,005 Industries 713 Industries
10,000+ Industries 1,066 United Stated Industries

SIC Code vs. NAICS Codes Comparison

To our surprise, the NAICS code can be further broken down into more particular SIC Code Extended categories. NAICS Code 541310 is the most specific classification in the NAICS system. But this can be further segmented into 40 SIC Code Extended categories - thereby offering a more refined and specific targeting system. A sample table is given below:

NAICS Code Description
541310 Architectural Services

SIC Code Extended Categories for NAICS Code: 871298

SIC Code Description
871201 Building Designers
871202 Architects
871203 Golf Course Architects
871204 Architectural Illustrators
871205 Architects & Engineers
871206 Architectural & Construction Specifications
871207 Architects & Builders Service
871208 Construction Estimates
871209 Designers-Architectural
871210 Building Construction-Consultants
871211 Engineers-Architectural
871212 Engineers-Building Inspection
871213 Home Design & Planning Service
871214 Foundation-Exploration & Test Borings
871215 House Plans
871216 Government-Architectural Services
871217 Architectural Designers
871218 Architectural Models
871222 House & Building Movers Consultants
871298 Architectural Services

The major difference between SIC and NAICS codes:

SIC Codes and NAICS have an entirely different numbering concept.

It was originated in collaboration with the U.S. Canadians and Mexican Government. It was developed solely by the United States Government.
The categorical grouping is done on the basis of a similar process or the same products and services. The categorical grouping is done on the basis of demand or production.
NAICS Codes are mostly used for public sector statistical purposes. SIC Codes are mostly used for businesses focused on the private sector.

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